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The Northern Backcountry Patrol Cabins of Grand Teton National Park
University of Wyoming National Park Service Research Center Annual Report
  • James A. Pritchard, Iowa State University
  • Katherine Longfield, Western Center for Historic Preservation Grand Teton National Park
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Grand Teton National Park Report
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During the summer of 2008, this study investigated the patrol cabin located at the lower end of Berry Creek (at the north end of Jackson Lake, in Grand Teton National Park) for possible inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. James Pritchard conducted research at the National Archives near College Park, Maryland (hereafter NARA), and in records at Grand Teton National Park (GTNP), while Katherine Longfield of the Western Center for Historic Preservation, Grand Teton National Park (WCHP­ GTNP) wrote the resulting proposal for the National Register. Secondly, the study began to look into the rumor that Olaus Murie built two small cabins in remote parts of the North District, at Upper Berry and Moose Basin. Finally, the project sought to set these cabins into the wider context of park history.

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James A. Pritchard and Katherine Longfield. "The Northern Backcountry Patrol Cabins of Grand Teton National Park" (2008) p. 41 - 47
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