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Women : better leaders than men? In general and educational management it still "all depends"
Leadership and Organization Development Journal
  • James Stuart POUNDER, Lingnan University
  • Marianne COLEMAN, University of Leicester, UK
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Journal article
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Emerald Publishing Limited
  • leadership,
  • gender,
  • women,
  • transformational leadership,
  • education,
  • management

The growing impact of women in the workforce has kept the leadership style of women on the research agenda. This article reviews some of the current thinking on women and leadership, drawing on general and educational management literature. Particular attention is paid to management in education because of: 1. the continued pressure on the higher educational sector generally to be publicly accountable indicating a specific need for effective leadership, 2. the fact that at the school level, leadership is a central theme in the literature on organizational improvement and educational reform, and 3. education being a field numerically dominated by women, yet despite some evidence of a growing willingness of women to take up leadership positions in the field, educational leadership is still a male preserve. The article concludes with a synopsis of some of the factors that may account for differences in leadership style.

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Pounder, J. S., & Coleman, M. (2002). Women: Better leaders than men? In general and educational management it still "all depends". Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 23(3), 122-133. doi: 10.1108/01437730210424066