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Organizational effectiveness in higher education : managerial implications of a Hong Kong study
Educational Management & Administration
  • James Stuart POUNDER, Lingnan College
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Journal article
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Sage Publications Ltd.

Quinn and Rohrbaugh's Competing Values Framework or Model has been proposed as 'a general paradigm of organisational effectiveness', yet the relevance of the model to higher educational organizations has never been tested. This paper describes the development of a set of organizational effectiveness self-rating scales for higher educational institutions in Hong Kong. The method of development tested the relevance of the effectiveness dimensions contained in the Competing Values Model to Hong Kong higher educational establishments. Rating scales were developed in four of the model's nine effectiveness dimensions. There are grounds for suggesting that these four dimensions constitute the core of a model of organizational effectiveness applicable to Hong Kong higher education. Additionally, the study raised some important managerial issues in higher education.

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Pounder, J. (1999). Organizational effectiveness in higher education: Managerial implications of a Hong Kong study. Educational Management & Administration, 27(4), 389-400. doi: 10.1177/0263211X990274006