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Paradoxical Conservation and the Tragedy of Multiple Commons
Tulane Environmental Law (2009)
  • James L. Olmsted
The article is seminal in that it proposes a new twist on the "Tragedy of the Commons." The article does so by suggesting that contrary to our best intentions in preserving a portion of the commons, doing so may have the perverse result of enabling the exploitation of other resources. Stated another way, the premise of the article is the counter-intuitive and paradoxical notion that by conserving certain natural resources we are in effect enabling the consumption of potentially many more other natural resources.
  • Paradoxical conservation,
  • absolute limits,
  • negative commons
Publication Date
Winter January 7, 2009
Citation Information
James L. Olmsted, "Paradoxical Conservation and the Tragedy of Multiple Commons," 22(1) Tulane Environmental Law 103 (2008)