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Environmental Constitutionalism
  • James R. May
  • Erin Daly, Widener University Delaware Law School
Environmental constitutionalism is a new concept that protects local and global environmental conditions by invoking national and subnational constitutional law. As constitution-drafters in all legal traditions commit to environmental stewardship, protection and sustainability, courts are increasingly called upon to vindicate protected environmental rights in both their substantive and procedural aspects. Designed for judges, advocates and policy-makers, as well as scholars in the field, this book assembles key writings on environmental constitutionalism from around the world, drawing attention to its contours, challenges and potential for enhancing both environmental protection and constitutional governance in theory and context.
  • environmental law,
  • constitutional law
Publication Date
March, 2016
Edward Elgar
The International Library of Law and the Environment
Citation Information
James R. May and Erin Daly. Environmental Constitutionalism. (2016)
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