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Foreword - In Memory of Robert J. Lipkin
Widener Law Review (2010)
  • James R. May
  • Erin Daly
  • Robert L. Hayman
This is a foreword to a compendium of writings by our lost friend and colleague, Bobby Lipkin, collected within a special issue of the Widener Law Review. Bobby’s constitutionalism beholds and celebrates that "no constitutional truths emanate from either politically unaccountable" courts or from paradigmatically imperfect constitutional legal theories. Rather, Bobby’s constitutionalism was participatory and justificatory: it derives from the Constitution’s republican democracy. The Constitution means what We the People allow it to mean at constitutional inflection points in our nation’s history. We miss Bobby dearly.
  • Robert Lipkin,
  • constitutional law,
  • jurisprudence
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James R. May, Erin Daly and Robert L. Hayman. "Foreword - In Memory of Robert J. Lipkin" Widener Law Review Vol. Special Issue (2010)
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