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Now More Than Ever: Environmental Citizen Suit Trends
Environmental Law Reporter (2003)
  • James R. May
This article serves as a companion reader to “Environmental Citizen Suits at Thirtysomething: A Celebration and Summit,” Part One examines trends in environmental citizen suits post-Laidlaw. Part Two describes why citizen suits are needed now more than ever. It concludes that jurisprudential and statistical trends show both that there are more, and why more are needed still, environmental citizen suits than ever. Current national security prerogatives have not made for it easy for agencies to perform duties Congress has declared mandatory, and for courts to compel action. These trends are unlikely to change course anytime soon. Hence, the clarion call for citizen suits has sounded, now more than ever.
  • environmental law,
  • citizen suits
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James R. May. "Now More Than Ever: Environmental Citizen Suit Trends" Environmental Law Reporter Vol. 33 (2003)
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