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Scattering of a Tightly Focused Beam by an Optically Trapped Particle
Applied Optics
  • James A. Lock, Cleveland State University
  • Susan Y. Wrbanek
  • Kenneth E. Weiland
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Near-forward scattering of an optically trapped 5-mu m-radius polystyrene latex sphere by the trapping beam was examined both theoretically and experimentally. Since the trapping beam is tightly focused, the beam fields superpose and interfere with the scattered fields in the forward hemisphere. The observed light intensity consists of a series of concentric bright and dark fringes centered about the forward-scattering direction. Both the number of fringes and their contrast depend on the position of the trapping beam focal waist with respect to the sphere. The fringes are caused by diffraction that is due to the truncation of the tail of the trapping beam as the beam is transmitted through the sphere. (c) 2006 Optical Society of America
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Lock, James A., Susan Y. Wrbanek, and Kenneth E. Weiland (retired). "Scattering of a Tightly Focused Beam by an Optically Trapped Particle." Applied Optics 45 (2006): 3634-3645.