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An Examination of New Jersey's Money Laundering Statutes
Seton Hall Legislative Journal (2006)
  • James B Johnston, Seton Hall University
Drug dealers, white collar criminals and organized crime groups look at New Jersey as a safe haven when conducting financial transactions with their crime linked money. Due to its proximity to New York, New Jersey has become susceptible to the money laundering industry. As a result the New Jersey legislature has passed a series of anti-money laundering provisions that provide law enforcement with powerful tools designed to take the profit out of crime and bring money launderers to justice. This article examines New Jersey's money laundering statutes and its potential contribution in bringing profit motivated criminals to justice.
Publication Date
Summer 2006
Citation Information
James B Johnston. "An Examination of New Jersey's Money Laundering Statutes" Seton Hall Legislative Journal Vol. 30 Iss. 1 (2006)
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