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Drugs, Dogs and the Fourth Amendment: An Analysis of Justice Stevens' Opinion in Illinois v. Caballes
Quinnipiac Law Review (2006)
  • James B Johnston, Seton Hall University
When a drug dealer delivers illegal narcotics to the American maret place, he frequently uses out nation's roads. In an opinion authored by Justice John Paul Stevens, the U.S. Supreme Court that is captioned Illinois v. Caballes, the Court ruloed that drug dealers do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy when delivering illegal drugs in their cars. This article agrees with the Court's ruling and argues that we as a society have a right and an obligatio n to protect ourselves from drug abuse and drug traffickers. Justice Stevens' opinionj provides a brilliant examination of judicial precedent coupled with common sense. The opinion provides a balanced approach by assuring that the public is protected from unreasonable searches while at the same time providing law enforcement with the tools to fairly and effectively bring drug traffickers to justice.
Publication Date
Spring 2006
Citation Information
24 Quinnipiac L. Rev. 659 (2006)