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Field Guide to Exhumed Major Faults in Southern California
Geology Faculty Publications
  • Joseph R Jacobs
  • Samuel B Howard
  • David Forand
  • Ory Dor
  • James P. Evans, Utah State University
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Samuel B. Howard and Joseph R. Jacobs
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This field guide provides an overview of exposures and provides a field trip guide to localities of exhumed faults in southern California. We focus on exposures of faults that are documented or inferred to be exhumed from seismogenic depths. The goal of this guidebook is to provide geoscientists who are interested in fault zone mechanics and earthquake processes a summary of the results of the work on these sites.

Citation Information
Joseph R Jacobs, Samuel B Howard, David Forand, Ory Dor, et al.. Field Guide to Exhumed Major Faults in Southern California. (2005)
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