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Introduction to Transaction edition of "Crime and Custom in Savage Society"
Crime and Custom in Savage Society (2013)
  • James M. Donovan, University of Kentucky
How then are we to judge Crime and Custom? What value does it hold for the modern reader? Whatever the shortfalls of his text, Malinowski merits highest respect for his vision of what the task of anthropology would be ever after. More specifically, while he faltered in achieving the final answers he sought, his work, and Crime and Custom in particular, framed the basic questions with which legal anthropology still grapples: What is "law"? How should it be differentiated from the other norms of social regulation like custom, religion, and etiquette? Is law a cultural universal? Why do people typically obey the law? What happens when the rules are violated?
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Bronislaw Malinowski
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James M. Donovan. "Introduction to Transaction edition of "Crime and Custom in Savage Society"" New Brunswick, NJCrime and Custom in Savage Society (2013) p. 1 - 25
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