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Federal Expungement: A Concept in Need of Definition
St. John’s Law Review (1992)
  • James W. Diehm
It is a common occurrence. An individual, frequently a young person, is arrested for a criminal offense, and the charges are disposed of without a conviction. This disposition appears favorable until the person realizes that there' is an arrest record on file that will create problems every time he or she seeks employment, applies for a professional license, or attempts to obtain a security clearance. Is there a way to remedy this situation? The answer is yes. The person can seek expungement of the criminal record. In fact, expungement may even be granted when the person has been convicted of an offense.
  • criminal law,
  • expungement
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James W. Diehm. "Federal Expungement: A Concept in Need of Definition" St. John’s Law Review Vol. 66 (1992) p. 73
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