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Systematic Relationships of the Endangered Queretaro Pocket Gopher (Cratogeomys neglectus)
The Southwestern Naturalist (2000)
  • Tiberio Monterrubio
  • James W. Demastes, University of Northern Iowa
  • Livia Leon-Paniagua
  • Mark S. Hafner
Data from 383 base-pair region of the cytochrome b gene of the mtDNA genome were used to define the phylogenetic position of Cratogeomys neglectus within the genus Cratogeomys. Within this gene region C. neglectus differs from members of C. tylorhinus by only one to three transitions (0.26%-0.78%). this is an extremely low level of divergence compared to intraspecific variation within the genus reported by DeWalt et al. (1993; 4.9%-6.3%), and a similar low level of differention (0..52%) is present within the subspecies of C. tylorhinus. These data indicate that C. neglectus is likely a recent geographic isolate of C. tylorhinus and may not be sufficiently distinct from C. tylorhinus to warrant recognition at the species level.
Publication Date
September, 2000
Citation Information
Tiberio Monterrubio, James W. Demastes, Livia Leon-Paniagua and Mark S. Hafner. "Systematic Relationships of the Endangered Queretaro Pocket Gopher (Cratogeomys neglectus)" The Southwestern Naturalist Vol. 45 Iss. 3 (2000) p. 249 - 252
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