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Systematics and Phylogeography of Pocket Gophers in the Genera Cratogeomys and Pappogeomys
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution (2002)
  • James W. Demastes, University of Northern Iowa
  • Theresa A. Spradling, University of Northern Iowa
  • Mark S. Hafner, Louisiana State University
  • David J. Hafner
  • David L. Reed, Louisiana State University
Mitochondrial-DNA sequence data were analyzed from individuals sampled from 38 localities across the complete geographic range of the closely related pocket gopher genera Pappogeomys and Cratogeomys. Results of phylogenetic analysis of 1133 base pairs from the cytochrome b gene are consistent with past hypotheses of relationships among members of the castanops species group within the genus Cratogeomys.However, phylogeographic variation within the gymnurus species group of the genusCratogeomys differs significantly from relationships reflected by current taxonomy. The data indicate that there are five geographically distinct clades within the gymnurusspecies group. Members of the two nominal species C. gymnurus and C. tylorhinus are scattered among these clades. The three peripherally isolated species, C. fumosus, C. neglectus, and C. zinseri, do not appear to be genetically distinct from other gymnurusspecies group taxa. An historical biogeographic hypothesis is proposed that will be tested using nuclear DNA data.
Publication Date
January, 2002
Citation Information
James W. Demastes, Theresa A. Spradling, Mark S. Hafner, David J. Hafner, et al.. "Systematics and Phylogeography of Pocket Gophers in the Genera Cratogeomys and Pappogeomys" Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution Vol. 22 Iss. 1 (2002) p. 144 - 154
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