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A Strategy For Training Hispanic Laymen To Minister In the United States
Doctoral Dissertations and Projects
  • James Beryl Boswell, Liberty University
Doctor of Ministry (DMin)
Charlie Davidson
A review of current literature shows that little material is available for the training of Latino Laymen to minister in Spanish here in the United States. The purpose of this project is to focus on the urgent need for training Hispanics with meager educational opportunities to minister to the overwhelming immigration of Latinos who lack in education also. This strategy is developed in regard to the nature of the project, its common elements, and the adequate strategizing in preparation of the project. Based on interviews, testimonies and personal counseling with Latino Layman and teachers,the project reviews, textbooks, religious journals, blogs, newspapers, and other sources to discover and interpret backgrounds for the project. It also reviews other elements, which are common to most projects, and attempts to provide in a practical manner curriculum for training ministers in the positive use of these elements.
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James Beryl Boswell. "A Strategy For Training Hispanic Laymen To Minister In the United States" (2010)
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