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Adlerian Brief Therapy with Individuals: Process and Practice
see abstract for specifics (2006)
  • James Robert Bitter, East Tennessee State University

Adlerian Training Institute (with Bill Nicoll), London, England, July, 2006; Group Process Training (Don Yoo, Director), Seoul, South Korea, April, 2006; Adlerian Institute in Cumbria, England, September, 2005; Adlerian Training Centre, Cambridge, England, September, 2005; Adlerian Summer School, Waiheke Island, New Zealand, January, 2005; ICASSI, Cork, Ireland, July-August, 2004; Greek Adlerian Society, April-May, 2004; Adlerian Society of Arizona, October, 2003; Adlerian Summer Schools, Cambridge, England, June, 2003, & Clomel, Ireland, July, 2003; American Counseling Association Pre-Convention Workshop, March, 2003; Adlerian Summer School, Hamilton, New Zealand, April, 2002.

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James Robert Bitter. "Adlerian Brief Therapy with Individuals: Process and Practice" see abstract for specifics (2006)
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