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Rapid Qualitative Inquiry: A Field Guide to Team-Based Assessment
  • James Beebe, Portland State University

Practitioners in need of timely results for program and policy planning—and students looking for realistic research projects—will find solutions in Rapid Qualitative Inquiry (RQI), a team based, applied research method designed to quickly develop an insider’s perspective on and preliminary understanding of complicated “on-the-ground” situations.

In this accessible field guide to RQI, James Beebe provides an introduction to research that substitutes teamwork for long-term fieldwork; uses iterative data collection, data analysis, and additional data collection; triangulates data from multiple sources; and applies techniques and concepts from ethnography and case study research. Extensive examples make clear that “rapid” does not mean “rushed” and that rigorous RQI depends upon flexibility rather than an arbitrary list of techniques. Throughout, Beebe’s clear prose guides interdisciplinary readers through the process, promise, and potential pitfalls of RQI.

  • Social sciences -- Methodology,
  • Qualitative research,
  • Evaluation research (Social action programs)
Publication Date
Rowman & Littlefield
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James Beebe. Rapid Qualitative Inquiry: A Field Guide to Team-Based Assessment. 2(2014)
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