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Role of instrumental learning in tolerance to cathinone hypophagia
Behav. Neurosci.
  • D.L. Wolgin
  • James R. Munoz, Nova Southeastern University
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The effects of dl-cathinone on milk intake and motor activity were investigated in bottle- and cannula-fed rats. Acute injections of cathinone produced dose-dependent increases in activity in both groups but only produced decreased intake in bottle-fed rats. With chronic injections, tolerance to the suppression of intake developed in the bottle-fed group, accompanied by decreased activity. After the tolerance phase, switching from bottle to cannula feeding produced further increases in intake, whereas switching from cannula to bottle feeding produced decreased intakes. These results suggest that (a) cathinone suppresses intake by inducing locomotion and stereotypy, which interfere with the appetitive phase of feeding, and (b) tolerance to drug-induced hypophagia involves learning to suppress such movements, as proposed by the instrumental learning model.
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D.L. Wolgin and James R. Munoz. "Role of instrumental learning in tolerance to cathinone hypophagia" Behav. Neurosci. Vol. 120 Iss. 2 (2006) p. 362 - 370 ISSN: 0735-7044
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