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Mysticism and Reframing Memories in Life Review Groups
Faculty Publications
  • James J. Magee, College of New Rochelle
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Division of Psychology and Counseling
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This article presents a pilot project in which reminiscence group members read mystics from several religious traditions to select imagery about the mystical theme of an unconditionally accepted "Core Self." The perspective from "Core Self," in turn, reframes unforgiving judgments some members have made about their personal history, ameliorates meager levels of self-esteem through which they have reviewed their life, and draws from their reminiscences more functional ways of managing current issues. The article concludes with examples of members offering additional insights into the life review of three colleagues that enhance the benefits of the project.
Citation Information
Magee, J. J. (2002). Mysticism and Reframing Memories in Life Review Groups. Journal of Religious Geronotology 13.1: 65-73. Print.