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Life Review: A Spiritual Way for Older Adults
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  • James J. Magee, College of New Rochelle
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Division of Psychology and Counseling
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This paper presents an integrative model of life review as a readily accessible resource for the spiritual well-being of older adults. The model contains a sequence of three interdependent, developmental components. The first component examines the family context within which life review occurs and the pervasive influence of this context throughout the life cycle. The second component explains the role of designated groups or confidants in facilitating the sharing of memories, emotions, and self-assessment evoked in life review. The final component explores the ways in which this companionate life review elicits and affirms for older adults new, more gratifying images of God.
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Magee, J. J. (1988). Life Review: A Spiritual Way for Older Adults. Journal of Religion and Aging 3.3-4: 23-33. Print. Reprinted by permission of Taylor & Francis LLC, (