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A New Gateway: Asian American Political Power in the 21st Century
Ethnic Studies
  • James Lai, Santa Clara University
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UCLA Asian American Studies Center Press

Don T. Nakanishi's prescient 1985 Amerasia Journal essay, "Asian American Politics: An Agenda for Research" argued for an interdisciplinary approach to gain a better understanding of Asian American politics. His essay provided an integrated micro/macro and a domestic/transnational approach that was well ahead of its time. Nakanishi's timely essay would prove influential in defining future research parameters of the political behavior of Asian Americans. At the time of the essay's publication, Asians, compared to African Americans and Latinos, were not found in the extant political science literature. Nearly twenty-five years later, however, Nakanishi's interdisciplinary approach has become even more useful for studying Asian American politics. What follows is my incorporation and application of Nakanishi's earlier ideas to looking at Asian American political power today.


Copyright © 2009 UCLA Asian American Studies Center Press. Reprinted with permission.

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Lai, J. (2009). A New Gateway: Asian American Political Power in the 21st Century. Amerasia Journal, 35(3), 133–138.