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Exploring Identity Through Genetic and Genealogical Research
CAHSS Intellectual Conversations
  • James E. Doan, Nova Southeastern University
  • Emily F. Schmitt Lavin, Nova Southeastern University
In this presentation, Schmitt and Doan examined data from student projects completed in their HONR 1000N Genetics and Genealogy course, taught during winter 2010. Students traced their deep ancestry through mitochondrial and Y-chromosome DNA analysis, as well as more recent ancestry, using genealogical databases and family histories. Frequently, students were challenged or pleasantly surprised by the information they gleaned. Genetic and genealogical research can provide clues to one’s identity and ethnic background, as well as potential medical conditions.
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James E. Doan and Emily F. Schmitt Lavin. "Exploring Identity Through Genetic and Genealogical Research"
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