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Let's Focus on Forms for Teaching
The Law Teacher (2011)
  • Jalae Ulicki, Arizona Summit Law School

Conventional wisdom tells us that forms “stifle” the thought process, but I disagree. Conventional wisdom should tell us that the expanding needs of our changing world, set amidst the abundance of form pleadings and other legal forms in usage today, should stimulate the thought process. Law professors can and should use forms in law school to help students construct meaning from the forms that they will be using in practice. Research suggests that the learner constructs rather than simply receives knowledge. Using forms to build upon knowledge already within students’ conceptual frameworks will allow them to construct meaning rather than merely inculcating received information. But legal education’s traditions are tough to shake.

  • teaching,
  • forms
Publication Date
Fall 2011
Citation Information
Jalae Ulicki, Let's Focus on Forms for Teaching, L.Tchr., Fall 2011, at 16.