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A new multiobjective approach in Distribution Center Location Problem in Fuzzy Environment
Journal of Uncertain Systems (2010)
  • Azizolah Jafari
  • Mehdi SharifYazdi
  • Mehdi Jafarian

As has been mentioned in the literature, distribution centers location problem (DCLP) is a multiobjective problem. Cost (or distance) minimization is the primary objective in this area. While significance of each relation between a distribution center (DC) and a customer/retailer is different, it has not been considered seriously. By adapting available facility and new facility concepts of the multifacility location problem with costumer/retailer and a DC respectively, a utility function as the second objective based on the importance has been used. These importances are in decision maker (DM) s’ mind which should be quantified to be of use for modeling purpose. We propose a method for the uncapacitated single stage facility location problem (UFSLP) in which a fuzzy AHP method is used to achieving these importances. So we present a multiobjective model in which minimizing total cost is first objective and maximizing the utility function is the second one. LP-metric method is used to solve our multiobjective model. Finally, a numerical example is expressed for illustration of the proposed method.

  • Distribution centers location problem,
  • multi-objective decision making (MODM),
  • fuzzy AHP
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Azizolah Jafari, Mehdi SharifYazdi and Mehdi Jafarian. "A new multiobjective approach in Distribution Center Location Problem in Fuzzy Environment" Journal of Uncertain Systems Vol. 4 Iss. 2 (2010)
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