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The Road to Doha through Seoul: The Diplomatic and Legal Implications of the Pre-COP 18 Ministerial Meeting
Journal of Korean Law (2012)
  • Jae-Hyup Lee
  • John Leitner
  • Minjung Chung
International climate change negotiations reached a critical crossroads in 2012. Facing the conclusion of the Kyoto Protocol and with no successor regime yet negotiated, nations have been compelled to re-engage in substantive and far-ranging discussions. The nation of Korea has distinguished itself in this process, in particular by hosting the final ministerial meeting prior to this year’s Conference of the Parties in Doha, Qatar. The Korean government’s willingness to lead has also been evidenced by Korea’s founding of the Global Green Growth Institute, a leading international organization in the area of environmentally responsible economic development, and its successful bid to host the Green Climate Fund secretariat. Korean diplomacy has aided in the consensus to extend the Kyoto Protocol and to continue efforts to implement a new climate change architecture by 2020. The importance of Korea’s facilitative role is enhanced because it has already undertaken significant domestic and cross-border efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Korean green growth policy has raised accountability for emissions, stimulated ‘green investment’, and resulted in a domestic emissions trading system to be launched in 2015. In addition, Korea exerts particular credibility on the international stage. As a nation transitioning from developing to developed status, it can liaise between both sides of the ‘north-south’ economic divide. Korea’s role in future COP meetings and other international forums should increase in future years, as nations work urgently to overcome the political barriers to a compromise that can meaningfully mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  • climate change,
  • Kyoto Protocol,
  • Post-Kyoto,
  • negotiation,
  • COP 18,
  • Durban Platform,
  • green growth,
  • low carbon development strategy,
  • mitigation
Publication Date
Winter December 31, 2012
Citation Information
Jae-Hyup Lee, John Leitner and Minjung Chung. "The Road to Doha through Seoul: The Diplomatic and Legal Implications of the Pre-COP 18 Ministerial Meeting" Journal of Korean Law Vol. 12 Iss. 1 (2012)
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