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Jade Ultra (2019)
  • Jade Ultra
Jade Ultra These are higher in THC levels, providing more of an uplifting feeling. This is better for taking during the daytime, as it gives your head that energizing buzz like a cup of coffee would. Indicas tend to offer the most relief for muscle spasms, inflammation, and even insomnia. Sativas, on the other hand, can stimulate appetite (bring on the munchies!), ease migraine pain, and suppress feelings of nausea. Lastly, types of CBD oil also boil down to percentages. There are four main styles, based on how much CBD or THC is present.

  • Jade Ultra
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Jade Ultra Very high on the THC scale. Derived strictly from the female marijuana plant. Anywhere from 70% THC and up, with less than 5% CBD.
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