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Scriptural Foundations for Marketing
  • Jacquelyn Warwick, Andrews University
  • Bruce Wrenn, Andrews University
  • Harwood Hoover
Marketing—seeking to meet the needs of others—is an honorable endeavor for a committed Christian. In fostering mutually beneficial exchange relationships with customers, a Christian marketer should be transparent in both motives and methods, making decisions with concern for the welfare of the firm, its stakeholders, and society. Doing so requires a thorough grounding in God’s Word as well as an understanding of modern tools and theory. Marketing can contribute to an organization and society when God’s Word guides the practice.
  • Marketing,
  • Biblical Intergration
Publication Date
Michael E. Cafferky and Bruce Wrenn
Andrews University Press
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Retrieved February 4th, 2015. From:
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Jacquelyn Warwick, Bruce Wrenn and Harwood Hoover. Scriptural Foundations for Marketing. (2012)
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