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Unpublished Paper
Couple, Community, and National Crisis
  • Jacqueline M. Koiner, II, Walden University

When an individual does not seek help during a crisis event, it may lead to pathology such as homicide and/or suicide. The Triage Assessment System (TAF) allows for a consistent and rapid assessment of the individual’s state of mind and dictates the interventions that will be utilized down to the minute as the event unfolds. Many of the survivors of intense crisis suffer from PTSD due to his or her intense feelings of fear, being helpless and horrified. In order to combat this issue counselors must impart psychological first aid. Likewise, in many cases the therapist should be as non-directive as possible if this is at all feasible. It is essential that crisis workers present strategies to the client so that he or she can cope with his or her crisis

  • Crisis,
  • coping skills,
  • stages,
  • resources
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Jacqueline M. Koiner. "Couple, Community, and National Crisis" (2011)
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