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About Jacqueline Caplan-Auerbach

I am a seismologist whose research focuses on the seismic and acoustic signals associated with volcanoes and landslides. Current research projects include the seismicity and internal structure of Lo`ihi submarine volcano, the seismoacoustics of vulcanian eruptions, and a study of long-period seismicity on Mount Baker volcano. A bit more detail about some of these projects is available on my research page (although this may not be terribly current). I am actively seeking new graduate students with an interest in applying concepts of physics to studies of the Earth and volcanic systems.


Present Faculty Member, Western Washington University Western Expert
Present Professor, Department of Geology, Western Washington University Department of Geology

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  • Geology 101—Introduction to geology
  • Geology 211—Physical Geology
  • Geology 308—Earthquakes
  • Geology 340—Geological oceanography
  • Geology 352—Introduction to geophysics
  • Geology 463/563—Introduction to seismology
  • Geology 464/564—Mantle processes

Contact Information

Phone: (360) 650-4153
Fax: (360) 650-7302
Office: ES 236
Lab: ES 202
Mailcode: 9080


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