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An administrative mess: A case study from the officiating community
Sport Management Review
  • Stacy Warner
  • Jacob K Tingle, Trinity University
  • Pamm Kellett
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This case is written for instructors of classes focused on strategic management, organisational behaviour, human resource management, and/or an officiating course. The case highlights the numerous administrative processes a new employee in a sport organization would face. Although the case is fictional it is based on the authors’ personal and professional experiences in athletics administration and officiating, and further draws upon the authors’ research in the area of officiating. Consequently, this case study was constructed based on first-hand observation, interviews and conversation with numerous officials and administrators, and through the examination of documents frequently used to manage officials. As a result, the case provides an opportunity for students to critically evaluate and address: 1) a sport organisation’s policies and procedures; 2) issues related to human resource management within a sport setting; 3) the managerial response after an organisational failure.

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Warner, S., Tingle, J. K., & Kellett, P. (2012). An administrative mess: A case study from the officiating community. Sport Management Review, 15(3), 368-380. doi: 10.1016/j.smr.2011.11.003