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An Exploration of Organizational Trust in Intercollegiate Athletic Departments
Journal of Higher Education Athletics and Innovation
  • Jacob K Tingle, Trinity University
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Scholars in in educational leadership, business management, and organizational psychology have thoroughly explored the construct of organizational trust. While trust has attracted some attention from sport management scholars, the research has primarily focused on the individual, rather than organization. This manuscript provides an overview of the organizational trust literature with specific application to the area of intercollegiate athletic departments. Additionally, the Athletic Department Trust Scale (ADTS) is introduced as an instrument to measure organizational trust in the setting. The procedures taken to refine and test the instrument are summarized. Results revealed the ADTS as psychometrically sound. The instrument was used to explore three research questions related to coaching tenure and status. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) revealed significant differences between coaching tenure and organizational trust. Practical and research implications are also presented.

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Dr. C. Keith Harrison
University of Oklahoma
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Tingle, J. K. (2016). An exploration of organizational trust in intercollegiate athletic departments. Journal of Higher Education Athletics and Innovation, 1(1), 18-37. DOI: 10.15763/issn.2376-5267.2016.1.1.18-37