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RunTex: A Community Landmark Run Out of Business
Sport Management Review
  • Emily S Sparvero
  • Stacy Warner
  • Jacob K Tingle, Trinity University
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The case follows Paul Carrozza and his journey in building a once highly successful running shoe store in Austin, TX. The case presents newspaper accounts and other publicly available information regarding Carrozza and the store he built and ultimately had to close, RunTex. Specifically, the case offers both undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to evaluate the repercussions of a business that fails to engage in strategic planning. As a result, this case provides the ideal backdrop for instructors to convey the significance and obligation for future sport managers to understand the importance of strategic management. The case is primarily intended for use in strategic management, organizational behavior, and/or sport marketing courses wishing to highlight CSR strategies.

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Sparvero, E. S., Warner, S., & Tingle, J. K. (2016). RunTex: A community landmark run out of business. Sport Management Review, 19(3), 343-351. doi: 10.1016/j.smr.2015.10.003