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Toward a Completely Constructivist Critical Terrorism Studies
International Relations (2011)
  • Jacob L Stump, DePaul University
  • Priya Dixit
This paper uses Patrick Thaddeus Jackson’s monism/dualism distinction to clarify ongoing methodological debates among students of critical terrorism studies (CTS). We map the distinction onto the CTS literature and emphasize the distinctive ontological starting points and the distinctive epistemological frameworks entailed by each perspective.Then we critically engage monistic, or interpretivist, CTS research, especially that of Richard Jackson. We argue for a more methodologically explicit and logically consistent interpretivist CTS and we suggest three important steps that researchers can take to achieve this aim: (i) take an explicit ontological stance; (ii) embrace reflexivity; (iii) conceptualize terrorism as a meaning-making practice. 
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Jacob L Stump and Priya Dixit. "Toward a Completely Constructivist Critical Terrorism Studies" International Relations (2011)
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