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Let Presidential Hopefuls Have Their Say
The Straits Times (2011)
  • Jack Tsen-Ta Lee

The announcement by the Presidential Elections Committee (PEC) of the prospective candidates who have been issued certificates of eligibility for the 2011 presidential election in Singapore makes interesting reading for what it does and does not say. The Committee’s decision-making process is also fairly opaque. It is submitted the rules governing the PEC’s task should be reviewed before the next election. At least, it is hoped future Committees will adopt as constitutional conventions the practices of granting hearings to applicants, announcing decisions well ahead of nomination day, and issuing full reasons.

  • Judicial review of administrative action,
  • Presidential Elections Committee,
  • presidential elections in Singapore
Publication Date
August 13, 2011
Citation Information
Jack Tsen-Ta Lee. "Let Presidential Hopefuls Have Their Say" The Straits Times (13 August 2011), p A36. Available at: