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Cooperative Teaching: A Model for General and Special Education Integration
Remedial and Special Education
  • Jeanne Bauwens, Boise State University
  • Jack J. Hourcade, Boise State University
  • Marilyn Friend, Northern Illinois University
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A variety of social and educational forces are resulting in significant changes in the traditionally dichotomous relationship between general and special education. One service delivery model that may be especially useful for reducing the gap between the two delivery systems is cooperative teaching, in which general and special educators work in a systematic and coordinated fashion in educationally integrated settings. This article describes cooperative teaching and outlines various arrangements through which it might be implemented.
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Jeanne Bauwens, Jack J. Hourcade and Marilyn Friend. "Cooperative Teaching: A Model for General and Special Education Integration" Remedial and Special Education (1989)
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