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Unpublished Paper
Results of 2013 Greenbelt User Survey
  • Jaap Vos
The Greenbelt survey was administered at four different locations on the greenbelt on Tuesday, September 17, and Saturday, September 21, 2013. There were a little over 1000 usable surveys and we also received detailed information about the amount of people on the Greenbelt from a traffic count that was performed by the Ada County Highway District (ACHD). The general results are very similar from last year. Users are unanimously happy about the Greenbelt and see the Greenbelt as an important asset for the community. People feel safe and almost 75 percent of the people that were surveyed use the Greenbelt three times a week or more. Just like last year, there were more bicycles on the Greenbelt than pedestrians. Our sample consisted of 44 percent pedestrians and 56 percent bicycles but the ACHD traffic counts show that the actual numbers are probably closer to 35 percent pedestrians and 65 percent bicycles. By far the most important improvement that both user groups mention is improvement of the surface of the Greenbelt. This year’s survey gave some more detailed information about differences in use between Tuesday and Saturday. Particularly interesting was to see that while the Greenbelt serves more of a typical recreational function over the weekend, there are also quite some people that use the Greenbelt to run errands. During the week there is a clear transportation function for commuters but there are less people that use the Greenbelt for errands. The survey shows that about 25 percent of the people that use the Greenbelt drive their car to the Greenbelt but the majority of those people access the Greenbelt through one of the major city parks. An interesting finding is that 50 percent of the users live within a mile from the Greenbelt and almost 40 percent live within half a mile of the Greenbelt.
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Jaap Vos. "Results of 2013 Greenbelt User Survey" (2014)
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