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Unpublished Paper
Results of 2012 Greenbelt User Survey
  • Jaap Vos
In September of 2012, the City of Boise‘s Parks and Recreation Department asked the Department of Community and Regional Planning to assist with a survey intended to be able to provide a glimpse of the use of the greenbelt on a typical week and weekend day. Greenbelt users were interviewed at three different locations on the greenbelt on Tuesday, September 18, and Saturday, September 22. The locations were chosen by Boise Parks and Recreation and represented downtown (Anne Frank Memorial), and respectively 2.5 miles east (Warm Springs) and west (Veterans Park) of downtown. At both Veterans Park and Warm Springs, the Idaho Transportation Department performed counts of bicycles and pedestrians during the two days. The results show that people who use the greenbelt see the greenbelt as a resource to themselves and the community. The majority of respondents use the greenbelt frequently and for a variety of different uses. They feel safe and their main concern is improvement of the surface. The results also show that there seem to be different user groups during the week and weekend. These user groups seem to have slightly different needs. In addition, there is some indication that different stretches of the greenbelt are used by different groups and for different purposes. The traffic counts also show that there are differences in user groups during different periods of the day.
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Jaap Vos. "Results of 2012 Greenbelt User Survey" (2013)
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