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Visual monitoring performance in three subgroups of male delinquents
Journal of Abnormal Psychology (1969)
  • J. Burdeane Orris, Butler University
Administered a questionnaire measuring psychopathic, neurotic, and subcultural delinquency to 268 male delinquents. 3 groups of 15 Ss each were formed from Ss who scored above the mean on 1 scale and below the mean on the other 2. It was predicted that the more psychopathic Ss would show a greater performance decrement on a vigilance task. A significant effect was found between groups and a significant decrement over trials for signals detected and RTs; psychopathic Ss performed consistently poorer than the other 2 groups.
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J. Burdeane Orris. "Visual monitoring performance in three subgroups of male delinquents" Journal of Abnormal Psychology Vol. 74 (1969)
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