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Cases and Materials in Juvenile Law
  • J. Eric Smithburn, Notre Dame Law School
Cases and Materials in Juvenile Law, Second Edition, provides teachers of juvenile law and process with a comprehensive set of course materials to examine both the delinquency and child welfare systems. Arranged in sixteen chapters, the book is roughly divided equally between delinquency and child welfare. There are separate chapters on children's rights in public schools, special advocacy for children, mental health commitment of children, and alternative systems of dispute resolution in children's cases. Each chapter contains notes and questions intended to supplement the material and stimulate discussion. Some chapters contain problems, which put the student in a practical setting to analyze possible legal solutions. The first and last chapters of the book contain material which encourages an examination of the history and philosophical underpinnings of the juvenile court and a critical analysis of the future of the juvenile court. No attempt is made to advocate a blueprint for the juvenile court; rather various possibilities are offered for discussion at the end of term.
Publication Date
  • Juvenile justice,
  • juvenile courts,
  • juvenile legal status
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J. Eric Smithburn. Cases and Materials in Juvenile Law. New Providence, NJ(2013)
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