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About Associate Professor J Doland Nichols

Associate Professor J. Doland Nichols BSc(Oregon) MSc(Forestry)(Purdue) PhD(NthnArizona)
Assoc Prof J. Doland Nichols began working in forestry in silviculture with the United States Forest Service in the Douglas fir region of western Oregon. Doland became interested in tropical forestry and spent six years in Costa Rica working as a forestry researcher, lecturer, and forestry extensionist, including projects for the Organization for Tropical Studies (USA). His Master's research at Purdue University, USA, was done on the ecology and silviculture of Terminalia amazonia in Costa Rica, where he still has on-going projects.
His PhD research involved studies on the tropical tree Milicia excelsa at the Forestry Research Institute of Ghana (FORIG) West Africa. He served as Forestry project leader and lecturer on the Pacific island of American Samoa. Since coming to SCU in late 1998, Doland has worked with mixed subtropical rainforest in natural and planted stands, on various forest health issues, including psyllids in plantations of Eucalyptus dunnii, and on bell-miner associated dieback, in native eucalypt forest silviculture, and on pruning and thinning regimes in eucalypt plantations.
Current research topics include:
Rainforest ecology & regeneration
Subtropical/tropical silviculture
Tree species diversity in natural forests
Mixed species plantations


Present Associate Professor, Southern Cross University School of Environment, Science and Engineering

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Australia 2480
Phone: (+61 2) 6620 3492
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