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About John Christian Smith

Chris Smith graduated in 2013 with a Master of Science in Security Engineering from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Chris also has a B.A. in Psychology from Oberlin College and also holds multiple SANS GIAC, Cisco, UNIX, and CISSP certifications. For nearly 15 years, Chris was the (first) Information Security Manager, and is currently serving as the Enterprise Architect for Southern Methodist University. Since joining the University in 1993, his diverse roles in data communications, network engineering, information security, and linux infrastructure, as both a contributor and team manager, have provided a unique opportunity to shape campus IT during an exciting period of continuous growth.

Prior to joining SMU, Chris had a brief stint at Northern Telecom. Chris's first career as a research statistician at Yale University led to several boring papers and a determination to move to a more exciting field.

Chris's current research interests include performance engineering and risk modeling.


Present Information Security Lead, Southern Methodist University

Contact Information

issecure2secure at yahoodotcom