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Speaker identification using usable speech concept
European Signal Processing Conference (2004)
  • Ananth N Iyer
  • Brett Y Smolenski
  • Robert E Yantorno, Temple University
  • Jashmin K Shah
  • Edward J Cupples
  • Stanley J Wenndt
Most signal processing involves processing a signal without concern for the quality or information content of that signal. In speech processing, speech is processed on a frame-by-frame basis, usually only with concern that the frame is either speech or silence. However, knowing how reliable the information is in a frame of speech can be very important and useful. This is where usable speech detection and extraction can play a very important role. The usable speech frames can be defined as frames of speech that contain higher information content compared to unusable frames with reference to a particular application. We have been investigating a speaker identification system to define usable speech frames and then to determine a method for identifying those frames as usable using a different approach. We present a simple and intuitive definition and two methods to identify the defined usable speech frames, which have resulted 78% and 68% success rates.
Publication Date
September, 2004
Citation Information
Ananth N Iyer, Brett Y Smolenski, Robert E Yantorno, Jashmin K Shah, et al.. "Speaker identification using usable speech concept" European Signal Processing Conference (2004)
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