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About Ivan de Monbrison

Ivan de Monbrison is a french contemporary poet, writer and artist born in Paris in 1969.
He currently lives in both Paris and Marseille, five poetry booklets of his works have been published: L'ombre déchirée, Journal, La corde à nu, Ossuaire and Sur-Faces.
His poems or short stories have also appeared in several literary magazines in France and in the US such as: Jointure, Arpa, Friches, Phréatiques, Les Hommes sans Epaules, Harfang, The Boston Poetry Magazine, Penny Ante Feud, The Coe Review, The Germ, The Fox Cry Review...
His visual works have been shown in a few galleries in both Europe and the US, and also printed in a several art and literary magazines and can be seen on his website:

Curriculum Vitae