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A Comprehensive Mathematical And Numerical Modeling Of Deep-Bed Grain Drying
Drying Technology (2002)
  • Istadi Istadi, Diponegoro University
  • Johnner P. Sitompul

This paper deals with comprehensive mathematical and numerical modeling of deep-bed grain drying. In order to build the process model, it is necessary to analyze the transport in both grain and gas phases. Experimental works were carried out for a layer of grain bed in order to validate the models. The models consider momentum, energy, and mass conservation within grain and drying air phase. The twodimensional dynamic equations of energy and mass conservation are solved numerically by finite-difference method (FDM) and utilizing alternating direction implicit algorithm within grain and drying air phase, while momentum conservation are solved by finite difference method by utilizing Semi-Implicit Method for Pressure-Linked Equations (SIMPLE) algorithm. Furthermore, the models will be applied in consideration with developing and designing dryer in order to simulate humidity and temperature profiles of the drying gas together with moisture content and temperature of grain across dryer in term of the dryer performance. The simulations show that the models can be used to predict the dynamic drying characteristic profiles as well as the superficial velocity of drying air phase across dryer.

  • Comprehensive modeling,
  • Deep-bed drying,
  • Grain drying,
  • Momentum,
  • Mass and heat conservation
Publication Date
August, 2002
Citation Information
Istadi Istadi and Johnner P. Sitompul. "A Comprehensive Mathematical And Numerical Modeling Of Deep-Bed Grain Drying" Drying Technology Vol. 20 Iss. 6 (2002)
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