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Modelling and Simulation of Deep-Bed Grain Dryers
Drying Technology (2001)
  • Johnner P. Sitompul
  • Istadi Istadi, Diponegoro University
  • I Nyoman Widiasa, Diponegoro University

This paper concerns with heterogeneous modeling of deepbed grain dryers based on two-phase model by taking into account coupled heat and mass transfer within grains. This model also consider axial mass and heat dispersion in the fluid phase. The dynamictwo-phase equations are solved numerically by finite difference with alternating direction implicit method algorithm, and then applied to simulate humidity and temperature profile of drying gas across dryers together with moisture content and temperature of grains. The capabilities of these models were compared with experimental data obtained from available literatures, under drying conditions such as temperature and absolute humidity of drying gas and moisture content of grains. The simulation results show that the dynamic of corn drying within the bed is well predicted by the two-phase model.

  • Alternating direction implicit method,
  • Deep bed dryers,
  • Finite-difference,
  • Grain drying,
  • Heterogeneous modeling,
  • Simulation
Publication Date
August, 2001
Citation Information
Johnner P. Sitompul, Istadi Istadi and I Nyoman Widiasa. "Modelling and Simulation of Deep-Bed Grain Dryers" Drying Technology Vol. 19 Iss. 2 (2001)
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