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Unpublished Paper
The International Society and the Sudanese National Disintegration
  • Professor Issam A.W. Mohamed

The political crisis of Sudan is amplified everyday with the expansion of civil conflict from Darfur to Southern Kordofan state. The inevitable secession of Southern Sudan is threatened by the chronic crisis of Abyei pocket between the north and the south that saw open war between the two opponents; the Sudanese army and Popular Liberation of Sudan. Nevertheless, the Attorney General of the International Criminal Court, Ocambo vocalizes more concerns of humanitarian sufferings and war crimes that he claims to be continuing despite of peaceful negotiations. Such situation seems irrational with the de facto state of war that currently prevails in the country.

  • Sudan Civil Conflicts,
  • International Society,
  • Economic Crisis
Publication Date
Fall November 18, 2010
The continuous political crisis of Sudan is amplified by the gradual pressures from the International community. Internal civil conflicts triggered the build up of exogenous discontent. The current paper discusses those issues. I Professor Issam AW Mohamed verify that I am the author of this paper and have the legal right to deposit it here.
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Professor Issam A.W. Mohamed. "The International Society and the Sudanese National Disintegration" (2010)
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