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Fend for Sudan Unity
Newspapers (2010)
  • Professor Issam A.W. Mohamed

Sudan is unified as a country by many bonds that are also reasons for it disintegration. From the year 2005 where Nivasha Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the North and South parts, to 2011 the efforts of dividing the country were evident. From 2005, many analysts, tried to warn of the coming consequences of the Southern part secession. There were calls for improvements of the current regime's totalitarianism, open the doors for democracy, sharing people in power and decision making and amending human standards and freedom. However, all calls fell on deaf ears. The Darfur crisis accelerated and the regime clutch of power tightened. Oil revenues represented a source of empowerment for the regime but not to the country;s economic sectors which continued to deteriorate both of productive ability and potentials. Even with expanding in oil production did not diminish heavy taxation on agriculture and industry. On the contrary, those new monies strengthened the regime's elite and enhanced their hunger for possessing of the state companies, land and properties. The result was dragon which devoured the country. The people of the south were fed up and wanted secession even though they knew that it was going to be rough. In the North it was different, there were official campaigns proclaiming that the secession of the oil rich south would not affect the North economy or life. They were conducted by virtually all members of the Ingaz regime. I was a lone voice in the vast deserts of the country that warned of an eminent economic, social and humanitarian disaster. Now, I truly wish that I was not right. In January 2011 the referendum on secession was carried out with the expected result of 99% for secession. Soon after the declaration of secession in June 2011, the economic collapse of the Northern Sudan was in quick motion. Inflation soured to more that 150% per month. By the first of October 2011, there were confirmed rumors that the country's foreign currency can only maintain it for one week. Officials were begging for aid and support from all countries with very little responses. Today, October 16th 2011, my predictions are that there are strong evidence that Sudan as a country will seize to exist by December 2011 or earlier. Chaos will follow the ultimate economic collapse which will follow the social and political disintegration that are in motion now. Somalization is a strong and possible scenario though it can be magnified. The disintegration of Somalia occurred even though they are predominantly homogenous people. In Sudan the case is different. All factors of division and disintegration are present.

Publication Date
Winter November 3, 2010
Publisher Statement
I wrote this article more than a year ago. The warning vision it contains was present in Sudan. I am sorry that it was right and happened in all parts, economic collapse, revolts of the peripherals and collapse of the authority. However, nobody listened when the article was written and published. More academic papers were published to the result of Zero responses.
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Professor Issam A.W. Mohamed. "Fend for Sudan Unity" Newspapers (2010)
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