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The Dramatization of Life and Death by Johane Masowe
University of Zimbabwe Humanities Journal (1998)
  • Isabel Mukonyora
This paper dismisses the claim that Johane Masowe (1914-1973) is a "Black Messiah" replacing Christ among Masowe Apostles. It shows that Johane Masowe simply uses a symbolic religious image that is commonly used by diviners, spirit mediums and prophets to claim authority as leaders among Shona people. The prophet Johane Masowe is described as having suffered from depression, sickness, and having had near death experiences, all reminders of "kufa", the end of life. Then he is portrayed as "waking up" and getting restored to good health through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is argued that this provocative language is drama aimed at awakening the consciousness of God (Mwari) as the the source of life. "Dying" is a powerful symbol reminding believers of the causes of their misfortunates as Satan, while "rising" is a reminder of hopes for salvation in Shona religious language.
  • suffering,
  • death,
  • healing,
  • resurrection,
  • Johane Masowe
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Isabel Mukonyora. "The Dramatization of Life and Death by Johane Masowe" University of Zimbabwe Humanities Journal 25/ 2.1998 (1998): 192-207.