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Rewriting the Bible: The Real Issues, Harare: Mambo Press
  • Isabel Mukonyora
In addition to co-editing this book, I published my first two articles as a masters graduate answering to a call to offer a short responses to the suggestion that the Bible has been used to support a western imperial Christianity from which African seek freedom by "rewriting the Bible." The first of my responses is a short article explaining that leaders of African Initiated Churches look to the Bible for messages that correspond with African religious aspirations, not stories of the victimization of the downtrodden. The second article suggests that feminist theologians make use of the Bible as advocates of liberation theology. This makes "rewriting" the Bible an exercise in contextual interpretations of the text, not necessarily the production of extra biblical texts.
Publication Date
eds. I. Mukonyora, J.L. Cox, and F.J. Verstraelen
Mambo Press
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Isabel Mukonyora. Rewriting the Bible: The Real Issues, Harare: Mambo Press. 1992Gweru(1992)
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